Summer Sizzle

imageMemorial Day is usually the big kick off for summer…….somehow the month of May is as busy as December with social obligations ranging from graduation parties, dance rehearsals, baby/bridal showers  to end of school festivities if you have children. No wonder, Memorial Day is  a holiday everyone looks forward to, whether it’s a casual cookout by the pool or a weekend at the shore, it always holds promise of more warm, easy days to follow. Who can forget the showtime tune from Porgy and Bess, “Summertime where the living is easy…”


Part of living easy is preparing meals that are cool and effortless, instead of all the fuss, let the season’s freshest ingredients be the emphasis. Plus it will help reduce that waistline to fit into that teeny tiny bikini that you have had your eye on! And of course, set a table that will reflect the simple elegance of summer…try crisp linen napkins, classic white, bright blues and a splash of yellow that let your guests feel as if they are dining at a coastal town on the Mediterranean Sea. My philosophy is simple food served on beautiful plates!

Just in case you decide to hit the sea for the holiday, I included a couple vintage books for your reading pleasure on How to Sail, so when you pull up in your dinghy at Martha’s Vineyard, you will have “the resourcefulness and confidence” the pamphlet describes! Just make sure you exclude the sexist chapter, For The Ladies, as you will end up overboard should you make any of the suggestions given. But as any lover of summer knows, reading is another pleasure of the season.

“Come with me,’ Mom says.
To the library.
Books and summertime
go together.”
― Lisa Schroeder, I Heart You, You Haunt Me

So regardless how you spend the holiday, land, sea, or air, (which I will be in the sky, carting all of you travelers to and fro) make sure you make it memorable. Memorial Day is the prelude to the summer ahead.


Light up that grill, put on some steel drum background music, fix a cocktail and don that bikini… Summer is going to sizzle…!


Welcome Aboard…

Join me along my journey, whether it be in the air, or in my shop on Etsy, TheFlyingHostess. Here we will certainly enjoy a few cocktails, dish the dirt, share some fabulous meals, entertaining and travel tips, and be glamorous even if you are balancing a tray. Take it from me, entertaining is about style, whether it be in the First Class cabin or a formal dining room set for sixteen. And looking glamorous, well that is called confidence, authenticity and a tube of red lipstick and your signature fragrance…the secret is to have fun and live authentically. After all, it’s 5:00 somewhere…Fasten Your Seat Belt, and enjoy the ride, it may be bumpy! Since I am a novice to social media, tweeting, twirking (we called it bumping, a generation before twisting) and blogging!

I hope you enjoyed my first photo, a peep who definitely who had obviously worked one too many legs, red eyes or all nighters! I know many of you are curious about the antics that take place up in the tube, and I promise I will share. And I promise as absurd as the stories may seem, they will all be true (the names and particulars cannot be shared to protect the ridiculous) I can’t make this stuff up. Really. However, along the way, I will do some shameless self promotion of my shop. It is quite a shop, and when you visit there, you will see why so many shops on xxxx have to copy my style. It is maddening, to see even your own copy being used in other shops…I just saw a new shop that opened only months ago steal my tagline “traveling the globe”, hmmm from Oregon, I see how they are really globetrotters. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

Now you may begin to understand why that The Bar is the favorite section of my shop, in my home and in my travels! Speaking of a traveling bar, this one is the perfect carry on, although, getting it past TSA will not be a good idea, so it will have to be used via automobile, train, boat or private charter. Take it anywhere you want a party to follow.

Until next time, cheers! Travel safe and beautifully.

“If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip” from

…or you have been employed with the airlines too long! from Lisa, The Flying Hostess