Vintage Brass Cricket Cage. Decorative Box. Set of 2. Miniature Trinket Box. Made in India. Storage Box/Home/Office Decor


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Vintage "cricket cages" made of brass. Set of two! Made in India, Whether you use it as a cage, lol, or not, it is still a charming home/office decor storage option with unique origin! Vintage patina, do not expect new and shiny...accessories in photos not included, these little boxes are great for tea storage! The round box measures 5 1/4 in x 2 34 in tall, the rectangular one is missing one handle on the side and measures 5 1/4 in x 3 1/2 in x 4 1/4

Since the time of the Tang Dynasty crickets have been sought after by the Chinese people for their song and the sport of cricket fighting. Not to worry, the crickets are rarely hurt in this event. The matches are decided by a judge who awards points for superior combat. Today in China crickets are bought and sold at markets to collect as pets, to fight, and for food.

In Ancient China, the cricket was seen as an indicator of agricultural timing, as a precursor to financial success, and as a prolific reproducer, something that was highly respected by ancient Chinese people. Chinese emperors thought that the song of the cricket was beautiful and that they fought fiercely. So to honor the cricket and themselves, the cages and gourds that were created for the keeping of crickets were made of the finest materials and decorated by artists. The reason for this was the place of honor that the cricket held in ancient society, and still does today.

Chinese culture honors the cricket as a symbol of intelligence, fertility and good fortune. But China is not the only country that hold the cricket in high esteem. Today the relationship is expressed in the most recognized form of modern art, the motion picture. Crickets are displayed as positive symbols in such films as The Last Emperor, Mulan, and who can forget Jiminy Cricket, the classic Walt Disney character from the film Pinocchio. Crickets have and continue to be honored in human culture because their chirp is the music of the night and like us they use their songs to attract mates.

Materials: Metal.