Vintage Porcelain Miniature Wheelbarrow Knick Knack Curios Japan Salt Cellar


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Miniature wheelbarrow made in Japan. Notice the little piece of twisted porcelain that is on the bottom, on picture three that makes this piece unique. A little boo boo in manufacturing...

I think it would make a lovely porcelain salt cellar. Especially since there are so many different gourmet salts to choose from.
Can't find one, make one yourself...
In a low oven, mix lemon peels, lemon zest, rosemary and course kosher salt. Mix together and cook until the oils from the peel are released...
I love to put salts, herbs and black pepper on my appetizer table with EVOO and bread with individual bowls for guest to mix up their own dipping oil. My husband imports EVOO, so we never run out! for great oils!

Materials: Porcelain.