Feeling HOT- HOT-HOT!

 As the temperatures in August continue to rise, the best relief to beat the heat, is a cool refreshing libation, either sipped in your air-conditioned abode or while floating in a pool of sparkling water-sea, lake, pool or a bathtub qualifies. It is just what the doctor ordered (or your friendly flight attendant prescribes) for keeping cool and hydrated…


The art of making cocktails, is one part inspiration, and 2 parts quality ingredients and the proper bar ware will complete the mix. Don’t you remember as a child getting a Shirley Temple with that wonderful Maraschino cherry and orange slice, and if you were lucky enough, the little paper umbrella? It has got to look as good as it tastes.

With all of the ripe, juicy, seasonal fresh fruit and herbs available in the summertime, it’s easy to get creative. Muddling fresh herbs, with a pinch of sugar and citrus (lemon, lime or grapefruit) can bring your vodka, rum or gin drink  to new, exhilarating heights, and if you ask me, add a fruit serving to your diet! Whether your favorite cool drink is a tangy margarita, a dry martini (with an olive), a beer (yes, you can add fruit, lime or an orange slice), a Mimosa or Bloody Mary (now that drink is off the charts healthy with fruit and vegetables in it) remember you are what you drink!

“I drink too much. The last time I gave a urine sample it had an olive in it.” Rodney Dangerfield

One of my favorite cocktails is the Pimm’s Cup, a thirst quenching, summery drink originating in England, enjoyed at cricket matches and Wimbledon. Because of its low alcohol content, 25%, you can feel free to have more than one! It was originally created in the mid 18th century, by James Pimm, an English oyster bar owner. He offered the tonic (a gin-based drink containing a secret mixture of herbs and liqueurs) as an aid to digestion. The recipe is still a secret (only 6 people supposedly have the original recipe), however, no worries, there are plenty of variations. The addition of a cucumber slice, makes it a health food addition in my diet! Originally served in a tankard, if you don’t have one handy,  I think it is lovely served in a tall glass. I have plenty for sale in my shop.

Another drink, enjoyed by me, is a Moscow Mule, also known as a Vodka Buck, made with vodka (my favorite happens to be Stolichnaya), spicy Ginger Beer and lime juice served in a copper mug. Created in 1941, by restaurateur Jack Morgan, who owned The Cock and Bull in LA serving Hollywood’s elite, he and two friends ( a food and spirits distributor and a ginger beer producer) came up with the concoction while “quaffing a slug, nibbling an hors d’ oeuvre and shoving toward inventive genius.” I have read that ginger beer also offers health benefits reducing inflammation, aiding digestion and pain relief (is that after the vodka is added perhaps?)! Needless to say, my husband is presently brewing a batch in my dining room. I can’t wait for it to ferment (up to 4 weeks), since it’s for my “pain management”.

Another way to get more fruit in the diet, is Sangria…white or red wine can be used with just 6 ingredients (and a lovely pitcher of course). Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, strawberries, get creative here), orange juice (fresh squeezed is best), a sweetener (brown or cane sugar, honey) a liquor (brandy, rum, triple sec or amaretto) and wine (again experiment with dry vs robust, etc.). Drink, repeat and experiment with what you like…Sangria has existed in various forms for over 2000 years, it proves that some things just keep getting better with time.

“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” Louis Pasteur

A Bloody Mary is a cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice (Canadian’s use Clamato and call it a Bloody Caesar), and combinations of other spices and flavorings including Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, piri-piri sauce, beef consomme or bouillon, horseradish, celery, olives, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon or lime juice and celery salt. It has been called “the world’s most complex cocktail”. I happened to have one in Detroit last weekend that had a shrimp, bacon, olive, lime and celery garnish…! I think I have proven my case, that this cocktail contains all of the four food groups.

I hope I have inspired you to share in my philosophy of getting more fruit, vegetables and of course more alcohol in your diet this summer. So let your imagination run wild, get creative, stay cool and of course, very hydrated!


you can find lots of wonderful bar ware here (it’s my blog and all about me, so I can add a plug):





Summer Travel


Schools out, and vacations have been planned for months. Whether it’s a trip to a theme park, family reunion, or something more exotic, most travel this summer will be via air. With rates down on all the major airline carriers, most families are trading road maps for passports. Travel has never been more affordable, or difficult if you don’t travel often.


With that being said, grab a sweater, yes, you will need one…the airplane is cold,( even if it is hot outside). We cannot give you a blanket or change the temperature for each individual’s preference…Welcome to air travel 2016. There are some do’s and don’ts if you have not traveled lately, so let’s read the safety card together. And the safety card I am referring to are these unpublished rules to make it more enjoyable for you, your fellow passengers and your flight crew!

Take a few minutes and go to http://www.tsa.gov There you can find a section on travel tips such as the 3-1-1 rule. Please, don’t think that your super size aerosol can of hairspray will be allowed through security because you paid over $20. for it, or your brand new bottle of unopened water will be allowed, even if you just bought it at the overpriced store/restaurant outside security. Remember give yourself plenty of time for screening, in case you have not read about that lately, TSA is experiencing some challenges. Remember, these rules are designed to keep us all safe, so patience is number one. I am sure the person behind you in line will be much more pleasant if you dress for travel. Stiletto lace up heels, hundreds  of bracelets, and lots of metal (This includes sequin jeans, hair accessories, belts, etc.) although, very cute, it won’t quite look the same once you have to take it all off and try to redress, nor will you like a pat down to start your trip off. I love to see traveler’s dress stylishly, yet for comfort.


Once you arrive to your gate, use the restroom, you have plenty of time. Please don’t wait till you get on the plane and decide to use the lavoratory while we are trying to board 180 plus passengers all going in one stream of traffic. Also if you elect to bring food on board, we don’t have cutlery, condiments or items you might need for your food. We serve drinks and light snacks.

Remember the FAA rule about carry on items, if the gate agent misses that you have 6 carry on items, your flight attendant will not miss it. The overhead space is designed for large items, such as rollerboards, your floppy beach hat does not get to have first dibbs, or does your hat get the seat beside you. Also, as you come on board, if you have a back pack or large tote over your shoulder, use caution so you don’t hit your crew and every other passenger as you make your way to your seat. A nice hello is always appreciated and a smile will go very far with your stews.It amazes me how many people do not say hello, or grunt as they come onboard. I have had many sweet passengers who actually bring treats for the crew, that will always rate high!

I am sure you are reading and perhaps you might be getting annoyed at all these rules, but honestly, they are for everyone’s comfort and safety…now back to boarding, once you get to your seat and get comfy, please don’t ring the call bell for the flight attendant to come pick up your trash, we are performing lots of duties related to takeoff. I promise, we will pick it up. Once we get everyone on, and make the PED announcement, please comply, and make sure your teenagers do, too. There is nothing worse then for us to have to ask your child/tween/teen to turn it off and get an eye rolling… Don’t think we can’t hear your cell phone ringing or the ting from your facebook alert, etc. Now that we got that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, let’s move on. When the seatbelt sign is illuminated, that means it is unsafe to move about the cabin. If you ask us if it is okay to use the lav, we cannot possibly say yes. That means if you get hurt, we just told you it was okay, and that is not okay. Which brings me to the drink cart/beverage service, we know you are thirsty and paid a lot of money for your ticket, but asking for 3 drinks (water, coffee, juice)for an hour and a half flight is a bit excessive. Plus you will need to use the lav again, most likely by the time the seat belt sign is back on. Also use courtesy when placing your order, a simple please and thank-you is most appreciated. And remember, most of our hearing has been diminished from the loud engines sounds we have been exposed to for years, whispering your order will not yield good results. When ordering coffee or tea, need I ask 180x to every coffee drinker how they take it? At Starbucks, you order it how you want it, the Barista does not need to employ psychic powers, should your flight attendant? If you are sleeping, we will not wake you, we did not skip you. And we do not have mango, pineapple, or any other exotic fruit drink, the selection is fairly basic and can be found on the menu card in the seat pocket. I am sure the 180 other passengers waiting for service will appreciate if you know what you would like before we get to you.

Another key point is that we do not control the weather, delays or mechanical difficulties or can we possibly know what location we are at being up at 31,000 feet, or if you will make your connection…

If the simple requests I have outlined here seem snarky, rude or offensive, remember that your flight crew was most likely up at O’dark thirty, have already flown several legs before your flight that day, then multiply that by 180 plus passengers each flight, and you can see why we can get a bit tense.

I love my passengers, nothing pleases me more than to see people happy with their families going on vacation. However, there are other passengers, who also are traveling, and not everyone is going on vacation. Perhaps, they may not appreciate little Johnny kicking the seat, or tween Ashley’s music blaring out of her earbuds…these are just some of the challenges to keeping everyone happy. It’s a small tin can suspended in the air, so exercising kindness, patience and a great attitude will make it an enjoyable trip, not an agonizing journey!

And one last thing, I don’t have crayons, tape, scissors, pens, milk, diapers…BUT I do have a smile, and I promise to keep you safe!








Summer Sizzle

imageMemorial Day is usually the big kick off for summer…….somehow the month of May is as busy as December with social obligations ranging from graduation parties, dance rehearsals, baby/bridal showers  to end of school festivities if you have children. No wonder, Memorial Day is  a holiday everyone looks forward to, whether it’s a casual cookout by the pool or a weekend at the shore, it always holds promise of more warm, easy days to follow. Who can forget the showtime tune from Porgy and Bess, “Summertime where the living is easy…”


Part of living easy is preparing meals that are cool and effortless, instead of all the fuss, let the season’s freshest ingredients be the emphasis. Plus it will help reduce that waistline to fit into that teeny tiny bikini that you have had your eye on! And of course, set a table that will reflect the simple elegance of summer…try crisp linen napkins, classic white, bright blues and a splash of yellow that let your guests feel as if they are dining at a coastal town on the Mediterranean Sea. My philosophy is simple food served on beautiful plates!




Just in case you decide to hit the sea for the holiday, I included a couple vintage books for your reading pleasure on How to Sail, so when you pull up in your dinghy at Martha’s Vineyard, you will have “the resourcefulness and confidence” the pamphlet describes! Just make sure you exclude the sexist chapter, For The Ladies, as you will end up overboard should you make any of the suggestions given. But as any lover of summer knows, reading is another pleasure of the season.

“Come with me,’ Mom says.
To the library.
Books and summertime
go together.”
― Lisa Schroeder, I Heart You, You Haunt Me

So regardless how you spend the holiday, land, sea, or air, (which I will be in the sky, carting all of you travelers to and fro) make sure you make it memorable. Memorial Day is the prelude to the summer ahead.


Light up that grill, put on some steel drum background music, fix a cocktail and don that bikini… Summer is going to sizzle…!


Welcome Aboard…

Join me along my journey, whether it be in the air, or in my shop on Etsy, TheFlyingHostess. Here we will certainly enjoy a few cocktails, dish the dirt, share some fabulous meals, entertaining and travel tips, and be glamorous even if you are balancing a tray. Take it from me, entertaining is about style, whether it be in the First Class cabin or a formal dining room set for sixteen. And looking glamorous, well that is called confidence, authenticity and a tube of red lipstick and your signature fragrance…the secret is to have fun and live authentically. After all, it’s 5:00 somewhere…Fasten Your Seat Belt, and enjoy the ride, it may be bumpy! Since I am a novice to social media, tweeting, twirking (we called it bumping, a generation before twisting) and blogging!

I hope you enjoyed my first photo, a peep who definitely who had obviously worked one too many legs, red eyes or all nighters! I know many of you are curious about the antics that take place up in the tube, and I promise I will share. And I promise as absurd as the stories may seem, they will all be true (the names and particulars cannot be shared to protect the ridiculous) I can’t make this stuff up. Really. However, along the way, I will do some shameless self promotion of my shop. It is quite a shop, and when you visit there, you will see why so many shops on xxxx have to copy my style. It is maddening, to see even your own copy being used in other shops…I just saw a new shop that opened only months ago steal my tagline “traveling the globe”, hmmm from Oregon, I see how they are really globetrotters. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

Now you may begin to understand why that The Bar is the favorite section of my shop, in my home and in my travels! Speaking of a traveling bar, this one is the perfect carry on, although, getting it past TSA will not be a good idea, so it will have to be used via automobile, train, boat or private charter. Take it anywhere you want a party to follow.


Until next time, cheers! Travel safe and beautifully.

“If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip” from thatonerule.com

…or you have been employed with the airlines too long! from Lisa, The Flying Hostess