Vintage Miniature China Tea Set Souvenir Tea Pots Tea Cups Mini Tea Set Pretend Play Japan Collectibles Shabby Chic Mismatched 9 Pieces


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A perfect child's tea set for their favorite doll or teddy, since you don't have to worry about it since it is mismatched. All 9 pieces included, no chips, these pieces all are from Japan. My passion for collecting started with my first China tea set! Tray not included
1. Teapots one says Luray Caverns, Double Column VA measures 2 1/2 in tall
2. Teapot says Stone Mountain RR, measures 2 1/2 in tall, original Japan sticker on bottom
3. Teacup transfer-ware with deer on it measures 1 1/4 in tall
4. Teacup Niagara Falls measures 1 1/4 in tall
5. Teacup Pennsylvania measures 1 1/4 in tall
6. TeacupMother and Dad measures 1 1/4 in tall
7. Teacup Luray Caverns measures 2 in wide x 1 1/2 tall
8. Transfer-ware teacup with floral pattern measures 2 in wide x 1 3/4 in tall stamped Cheltenham World's Finest China, Japan
9. Plate Natural Bridge, VA 2 3/4 in wide

Materials: China.