Vintage Lot of Eurpopean Beer Glasses Set of 5 Craft Beer Lover Groomsman/Groom Gift Idea Oktoberfest Assorted Beer Glasses Pilsner Porter


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European beer glasses assorted sizes for that beer connoisseur. All 5 are included.

Photo 2 and 7, glass with gold rim has 0.41 pouring line, made by RKL. RKL Ruhr Kristall Glas AG was formerly known as Bormioli Rocco GmbH. The company was founded in 1923 and is based in Essen, Germany. RKL Ruhr Kristall Glas AG was a prior subsidiary of Bormioli Rocco SpA. The glass is from Gaudet Wasserstelle Anno 1334, which is a restaurant "watering hole". Measures 6 1/8 in tall x 2 3/4 in wide, has graphics of young maiden with water bucket along a stream, also stamped WV Unterleinleiter, 1993

Photo 4 and 6, mini glass with .11 pouring line, Starker Borsch, Bergfiraber: the size is small probably because the beer is "strong", measures 3 1/2 in tall, graphic is of child reaching for a beer
Starker Fresh Beer is an authentic German-style fresh brew. Derived from the German word that means ‘Stronger’, Starker revives an old-world style of beer drinking in the modern vibrancy of life that many have yet experienced. Our unique identity features the authentic German-style fresh brew experiences for all occasions. Keeping to the German tradition of beer drinking, our beers are stored in barrels for consumption and a wooden mallet is used to drive a metal tap into the barrel to dispense the beer.

Oktoberfest in Germany traditionally commences when the Mayor in Munich taps the beer barrel on national television, declaring “O’zapft is”, meaning “it’s tapped”. The tapping of the barrel represents the good harvest for that year.

Photo 8 Budweiser Budvar, with .31 fill line, weighted base measures almost 6 1/2 in tall features brewery logo glass from the city of Ceske glass from the city of Ceske (Czech Republic). This is the european glass - because of a trade mark dispute with Anheuser-Busch this beer is imported as "Czechvar" in the U.S.

Photo 9 Deverbodenvrucht Lefruit defendu, this is actually a dutch beer: glass measures 6 in tall x 3 1/2 in wide, no fill why...graphic is of adam and eve!
It is reddish brown , dark (for malts) and cloudy (for yeast). And it has a head of abundant , sticky foam , and with a good brussels lace that clearly marks the lines as you drink.

The aroma is fruity and yeasty , with spicy notes (it has cilantro and curaçao), and in the mouth it is fruity again and a little sweet , but with a drier and more pungent finish , and with a lot of carbonation on the palate.

Come on, as we remember, it's an intense beer for beginners (when we were) buttasty for brewers (and easy to get). Of course, eye with its 8.5% ABV , which is not turkey moque.

"My opinion in a Tweet:" This is only the first of a long list of sins, for sure. Note: Good height.

Photo 9, Heinekin glass, need I say more, measures 4 1/2 in tall x 2 3/4 in wide

Materials: Glass.