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Vintage poster commemorating Apollo 11, this poster shows wear on edges and underneath Nixon quote there are two small holes, it will be shipped rolled up. Measures 24 x 18

On July 24, 1969, President Nixon was on hand on the USS Hornet (commanded by Admiral John McCain) to watch the splashdown of the Apollo 11 capsule and return of the Apollo 11 astronauts to earth.

Man`s first step on Moon

The flight of the Apollo 11 mission was the culmination of many years of planning, working, building and testing. Since the earliest time man has imagined this moment, the moment when his fellowmen would make the first journey to the Moon. Now the time had come. In the sixth decade of the 20th century, Apollo 11 mission and the ancient dream were to become a reality. Thousands of people had contributed toward making the mission possible.

On July 19th, Apollo 11 slowed down and went into orbit around the Moon. The bright blue planet of Earth now lay 238,000 miles beyond the Lunar Horizon. Preparation for the Apollo 11 Moon landing began. Finally Apollo-11 also named as ` Eagle` landed on the Moon. Once, Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were ready to go outside, Eagle was depressurized, the hatch was opened and Niel Armstrong made his way to the ladder first, stepping into history as the first human to set foot on another world. He then spoke-

“That`s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind”.

For a brief moment Armstrong, the first men on the Moon stood and looked at the stark, lonely landscape around them. This was certainly an experience which was one of a kind and had no precedence.

After this, the duo investigated how easily a person could operate on this airless, cloudless satellite of Earth. Early on, they also disclosed a plaque commemorating their flight and also planted the US flag.

On Sunday July 20, 1969, the historic day billions of people around the work watched on television as the first man from Earth prepared to set foot upon the Moon, and the crew would be forever known as Apollo 11 heroes.

Heroes Return

On July 21st, the Apollo 11 began its return to Earth leaving behind the American Flag on the Moon, together with medals honoring American and Soviet spacemen who lost their lives in earlier space tests and a small disk carrying messages of goodwill. A plaque on the Lunar Module reads: “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon, July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.”

The approaching Eagle was a welcome sight. Once again the bright blue planet of Earth rose over the Lunar Horizon. On July 24th, Apollo blazed across the heavens, coming back to Earth at 25,000 miles an hour. President Richard Nixon, who had talked with the astronauts by telephone while they were on the Moon, was waiting aboard the Recovery Carrier to welcome the returning voyagers. And when the Apollo 11 heroes arrived President Richard Nixon spoke the following words-

“In some way when those two Americans stepped on the Moon, the people of this world were brought closer together. That it is that spirit, the spirit of Apollo, which America can now help to bring to our relations with other nations. The spirit of Apollo transcends geographical barriers and political differences. It can bring the people of the world together in peace.”

Materials: paper.