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Vintage aluminum Mardi Gras coin, circa 1985 Krewe of Mystique "Bavaria".
Mardi Gras tokens are thrown from the floats that appear in each year’s Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. Groups of volunteers work all year on their float (The Krewe). In past years some “Krewe” had their tokens minted in silver for the benefit of the members of the “Krewe”.
The aluminum tokens are fun and interesting and there are collectors that try to complete sets by year. Token collecting goes under the heading of Exonumia
You can also purchase vintage navy/seahorse Mardi Grass beadspictured

In 1976, two krewes decided to put on a parade for Baton Rouge. The krewes Knights of Nineveh and the Ladies of Antiope paraded with 68 units, 14 floats, and 7 bands and was sponsored by the Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Association. Mayor-President Woody Dumas served as Grand Marshal and rode in a convertible at the head of the parade. Nearly 100,000 people came out to view the parade that began in the Rebel Shopping Center on Florida Blvd. and rolled East to E. Airport Drive. Ever wondered what the “mystique” or “mystic” meant? This is a designation applied to krewes that will not reveal the identities of their royalty until the opening of a parade or a ball. In 1977, new krewes and parades begin to develop. La Krewe Mystique de la Capitale became the premier parade Krewe in Baton Rouge. This parade and Krewe is meant to be for the Capital City and not specific to any one neighborhood or specific group or organization. It’s mission is to bring Mardi Gras to Baton Rouge. Today, La Krewe Mystique de la Capitale’s parade is one of the longest running parades in the city.

Materials: metal.