Antique Chinese-Tibetan Brass Box Filigree With Inlay Turquoise Rare Art and Collectibles Prayer Trinket Box


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Sino-Tibetan or Chinese vintage rare brass box with turquoise cabochons, the top is set with stones and intricate filigree wire design, very old. Exotic, polished jeweled handmade brass box could have held trinkets, or Tibetan rosary beads. It could have been a Tibetan Gau shrine, which was a portable alter for prayer. Please note, there are some missing stones and box shows some buckling. This box is one of a kind, collectible and an exotic show/conversation piece for your home decor. Measures 5 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 1 1/8
Estimated more than 75 yrs old.
Tibetan artists have played a key role in the cultural life of Tibet for more than a thousand years. From designs for painted furniture to elaborate murals in religious buildings, their efforts have permeated virtually every facet of life on the Tibetan plateau. The vast majority of surviving artworks created before the mid 20th Century are dedicated to the depiction of religious subjects, with the main forms being thangka, distemper paintings on cloth, Tibetan Buddhist wall paintings, and small statues in bronze, or large ones in clay, stucco or wood. They were commissioned by religious establishments or by pious individuals for use within the practice of Tibetan Buddhism and were manufactured in large workshops by monks and lay artists, who are mostly unknown. The art of Tibet may be studied in terms of influences which have contributed to it over the centuries, from other Chinese, Nepalese, Indian, and sacred styles.

Materials: brass, turquoise.