Antique Indiana Glass Snowflake Luncheon/Snack/Tidbit Set Winter Christmas Plates Serving Holiday Table Sold in Sets of 6


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Indiana Glass Tidbit/Snack/Party/Luncheon Sets circa 1950's. Just like snowflakes, each one is different!

They will be sold in sets of 6, and will include 6 plates with 6 cups. I have a total of 18 plates with 18 cups, (12 cups match, but will add 6 more cups that will be different from the 12 if the full lot is purchased). Please note, the snowflake patterns could vary depending on inventory...if you desire all 6 to match, please inquire before purchase, otherwise, I will send what I have left. You can see the 4 different patterns on photos.

I purchased these back in the early 1990's for my annual Christmas Party I used to host for my friends and their daughters, what fun it would be! I love the clear design as they can be used not just at Christmas, but the minute the chill hits the air! Or certainly enjoyed for the retro atomic feel...

Please note a set of 6 weighs 10 lbs, I know Etsy is trying to pentalize sellers who can't offer free shipping by dropping your item in the search page rankings. They sugggest adding the cost of shipping into the price, and alot of seller's are doing so... However, if you are an east coast buyer shipping will run $20.35 (FED EX is $17.88), but to West coast it runs $52.29 ($33.27 FED EX), this is hardly fair for someone onthe east coast if I tried to hide the shipping in my price. So as an effort to keep prices low, I must charge for shipping.

Materials: Glass.