Antique Porcelain 5 Piece Juvenile Child's Rare Collectible China Pattern Naughty Mischievious Children at Play Cat Rooster Dog Edge


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This 5 piece porcelain china set features little children at mischievous play. Each plate has a different scenario but has the same trim, a cat, a rooster, a bunny and a little dog. I have never found another set like this. I even wrote to Replacements and they have never have seen this set. I am guessing it is probably German. This set would make a beautiful baby gift or just for the collector of rare and unique finds.
The set has no crazing or cracks. There is only one tiny flea bite on bottom of saucer, and one on edge of largest plate. The gold trim is mostly worn only on that plate as well.
There are no manufacturer marks other than numbers.
Largest plate measures 7 1/2 in and is stamped 41, features two children hiding from the baker in a flour sack with crumbs about
Rimmed cereal/soup bowl measures 7 1/2 and is stamped 60, features the same two children actually on a stool in the bakery stealing a pretzel
Salad/bread plate measures 6 1/2 and is stamped 60, features the children dumping ashes in a horn
Cup and saucer, cup measures 2 1/2 in tall and marked 60, the cup features two children on a roof with a fishing pole attempting to cook a turkey in a smoking chimney
Saucer measure 5 1/4 and is very hard to read the stamp
There is an underlying raised floral patern which is hard to see