Antique Rare Book Adventures of a Brownie Miss Mulock Copywright 1898 Philadelphia Henry Altemus


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Format: Hardcover,Adventures of a Brownie, Miss Mullock, copyright 1898, by Henry Altemus, Philadelphia, 161 pages with illustrations. In good condition for age, binding a tad bit loose, pages intact, a few at beginning loose, no writing except inscription on blank page: Robert from Papa, April 10, 1902 then:
To Elwood from Robert, July 23, 1902
This wonderful child's tale of a magical brownie living among of a family of children and adults has been a favorite. it features individual stories in which the brownie somehow or another play pranks on misbehaving adults while befriending the children. After introducing this to my own children, it became one of their most frequently asked-for "special" bedtime books. Beautifully illustrated, a delightful book to pass down for all ages.
..."but then a Brownie is a curious creature-a fairy, yet not one of that sort of fairies who fly about on Gossamer wings and dance in the moonlight and so on".

Materials: paper, cardboard.