Antique Wood Handle Saw EACH Hardware Tools Garden Prop Decor Industrial Display Collectible Rusty Vintage Condition


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Antique wood handle sold, EACH are sold separately. these are in vintage, rusty condition, weathered wood, etc. please look carefully and ask if you have questions. I cannot read what the brass fastener says regarding manufacturer, they are both the same

Great pieces for home/garden decor, props, or the tool collector!

Photo 2, shows the saw with the patina of the metal turned green, notice the rough edge on the corner of the handle, it's also pictured on photo 1, it's the saw at the top, photo 4 it is to the right...measures 29 1/2 in long, it's thinner at bottom and handle is larger than the other

Photo 3 shoes the saw with the hardware still gold, notice the split in the handle and rough edge on one corner, it is the saw in photo 1 on bottom, photo 4 it is on the left measures 28 1/2 in long

Materials: wood, brass, metal.