Black Amethyst Tiara Glass Canisters Jars with Lid Sandwich Pattern SET OF 3 RARE Collectible Find Kitchen Storage/Decor


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Black Amethyst Sandwich Glass Canister set made by Tiara Glass in MINT condition . RARE, hard to find a set of 3...Thick heavy glass. Amethyst glass is black until you hold it up to strong sunlight and you can see its amethyst purple underlying color. These would be lovely in your bath for storage or kitchen. I have seen the large retail for $70, and the medium for $50 on other sites...FYI this set weighs over 11 pounds without wrapping it for shipping...notice the pattern of the flower stamped on the bottom. Please note, the lids do not have any type of gasket, nor did they originally.
Large measures 9 in tall
Medium measures 7.5 in tall
Small measures 6 in tall

Materials: glass, black amethyst glass.