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I love anything fish (I am a Pisces!) One of the earlier works, dated 1991, it is a fun and whimsical large platter for serving or for the collector. Lovely terra cotta, with raised paint in blue, green and beige. Measures 13 1/8 in long x 10 1/4 wide. It weighs 3 pounds! In perfect condition

About the potter:

About the pottery village in Seagrove, NC

Experience a 200 year old tradition as potters create a lasting heritage.
You’re invited to visit Seagrove potters in their workshops and studios. Plan a trip today! It’s a continuous pottery show 365 days a year.
Nestled in the countryside of North Carolina you will find the largest concentration of working potters in the United States. Enjoy your day on a self guided driving tour down some of North Carolina’s scenic byways. Within a 20 mile radius there is just under 100 shops to visit. Set your own pace as you go from shop to shop. You’ll most likely be greeted by the potters themselves. Seagrove offers a range of pottery, from functional everyday use, sculptural, folk art, to historical forms from the past. Make plans to spend a day or two to discover Seagrove and experience the diversity of North Carolina pottery.
Seagrove is open year around! Come anytime! Shops are open everyday of the week throughout the whole year.

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Materials: Ceramic.