Stainless Steel Tiffin Stackable Cannisters Insulated Lunch Tote Bento Box Lunchbox Accessories Travel Food Storage Carrier


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My husband imported these from Canada and were sold in his olive oil shop. Brand new item, I have several available. Made of heavy stainless steel, insulated, keeps food cold or hot. Oven and dishwasher safe. We saw these and he imported them for myself and other flight attendants for our travel bags. I bring food with me on my trips since eating at airports is so unhealthy and expensive. These tiffins can be heated on our ovens on the plane, we don't have microwaves. Perfect for packing your lunch in style, or transporting food, or will be the envy at your workplace cafeteria when you open up that beautiful meal while everyone else is eating sandwiches!
2 layer Measures 9 in tall to top of carrier x 5 3/4 wide. Each individual compartment measures 2 1/2 tall x 5 1/2 wide
3 layer Measures 11 1/2 in to top of carrier x 6 in wide. Each individual compartment measures 2 3/4 in tall x 5 1/2 wide

Materials: stainless steel.