Stainless Steel Wise Soap Sterilization Odour Remover Germ Killer In Palm of Hand ONYX Lunchbox Backpack Purse Accessory


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Another very cool product my husband imported for his gourmet shop which we closed a few years ago. These "Wise Soap" stainless steel sanitizers fit in the palm of your hand. The "soap" fits into a protective plastic holder with a keychain ring when not in use. I keep one in my apron on the aircraft and take the stainless "soap" out and rub between my hands when I feel lots of cooties! It has an anti scratch surface, and will kill most germs or unpleasant odours in your hands in a minute. Made by Onyx, you can pick the protective color jacket, pink, blue or green...measure 3 in
This si a soap that will never run out!

Materials: stainless steel.