Vietri Oval Handled Platter Black Terra Cotta Italian Kitchen/ Tabletop Serving


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Vietri, made in Italy platter measures 18 3/4 in long in. In perfect condition. I love the irregular edges and red/orange clay showing along edge of finish.

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VIETRI Italian (from ebay)

VIETRI is a collection of hand-made Italian tableware and home decor items named after the town where the business was started. Made in Italy by artisans whose craft has been passed down through the generations, the items are produced using no machinery and no mass-production techniques.
What types of products does VIETRI offer?
They produce a wide selection of home decor and tabletop items. Their collections include mouth-blown glassware, handpainted ceramics, hand-turned earthenware, and hand-carved wood.
For tabletop items, they offer drinkware, complete sets of dinnerware, pewter flatware, stainless-steel flatware, serving and storage pieces, and table linens. For home decor, you'll find several items from wall decorations to pieces for table and entertainment. They also offer seasonal and holiday-themed collections of items.
How are VIETRI items made and where?
Using nearly thirty independent factories within the country for their production process, their products are handcrafted in Italy.
Using techniques passed down through generations of artisans, their products are made by hand by craftsmen in Italy. The tiny variations, whether it's the size, color, or detailing, give the items antiquing irregularities, making them recognizable as VIETRI but giving individuality.
Are there supposed to be differences in patterns and colors?
Yes, because each piece is individually made by hand the shapes may vary slightly. The artwork from one piece to the next may differ because each piece is hand painted and finished. No machine stamps appear on any of the items as machines are not used in any part of their production.

Materials: Ceramic.