Vintage 1930-40's 1960 Edition Hardy Boys Mysteries EACH Franklin Dixon Americana Children's Tweens Collectible Book Series Paper Ephemera


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Choose one or both, priced EACH. Introduce your kids to the hardy boys, they will be sure to love them, or buy them for yourself! All of the titles listed are in good condition, except Footprints, SPOTS ON PAGES All with dustjackets with plastic over them, 1930's-1940's and one 1960's editions, Gosset & Dunlap Email if you have specific questions...

The Mark on the Door (1934#13):

The Hardy Boys and Mr. Hardy travel to Mexico to locate a missing witness in an oil
rights trial.

The Short Wave Mystery(1945 #24):

The Hardy Boys hear a mysterious call for help on their shortwave radio set: "Help -- Hudson". Meanwhile, Fenton Hardy is investigating nation-wide thefts of radio equipment by a group of criminals called "The Hudson Gang". But of more immediate concern is the theft of several auction items, at an auction attended by Chet Morton and the Hardy Boys. The stolen items are mostly animal skins and carcasses intended for use in taxidermy, Chet's latest hobby.

Investigating all the seemingly unrelated mysteries leads to some connections. Spike Hudson, leader of the Hudson Gang, uses a house near Bayport as a hideout -- a house which has vicious-looking stuffed animals hidden around it at strategic points to discourage unwanted snooping. And the "Help -- Hudson" message, though initially thought to be from or about Spike Hudson, seems to instead be from a group of stranded researchers trapped somewhere on the isolated coast of Hudson's Bay...near to where Spike Hudson has another hideout. Soon, the Hardy Boys are travelling by plane to the fictional White Bear River in remote northern Ontario, Canada (references in the book place it most likely somewhere near Moosonee and Moose Factory) to try to solve the thefts, rescue the researchers, and break up The Hudson Gang.

Footprints Under The Window (1933, #12, some spots on pages)
Footprints lead to the breakup of a ring smuggling Chinese aliens.
A surprise visit by Aunt Gertrude starts the story as the boys are alone in the house for a time. She is to arrive by boat at the docks, but when they arrive to meet the boat she is not there. A man named Sidney Peebles is and he tells them that Gertrude fell ill and did not board the ship. The boys bring him to their home after he misses the ship leaving Bayport, but the next morning he has disappeared, several important papers are gone from Mr. Hardy's coat and there are footprints under the window and a note To their surprise, they also find Aunt Gertrude in the house feeling ill. She was on the ship after all and spends the rest of the story ill and infirm in the house where she is cared for by Mrs. Cody, a superstitious nurse. After the ship had left the docks the night before, a violent fight had broken out between to different groups of chinese men, one of whom was stabbed. As the boys investigate Peebles and the footprints they realize that this is connected to the fight at the docks and to Louie Fong who has taken over the local chinese laundry from Sam Lee and is a very unpleasant individual. They also come into contact with Orrin North, an importer, who claims that he had hired Fenton Hardy to clear him from claims of smuggling Chinese men into the country. North, while have bad things to say about their father who is out of town and cannot be contacted, refuses the boys' offer of help. He does help the boys track down Peebles who he claims to know. When the boys go to Lakeside to see him they begin to doubt that he is the same fellow they brought home. At the same time Tom Wat,the man stabbed in the dock fight,arrives to meet Peebles who he claims was part of the fight. He also realizes that this man is not the same one who claimed to be Peebles although they look very similar. The real Peebles helps to disguise Wat as a woman so that the boys can take him to their home without Fong spotting him. Wat is afraid of Fong but refuses to talk aobut what he knows. Wat's disguise leads to some misunderstanding as Chet, Iola and Calle spot him and question the boys about the good looking Chinese woman with them. They let Chet in on it eventually. Eventually the case leads to connections between North and Fong, and the boys discover a tunnel built connecting the laundry and an abandoned building where the smuggled Chinese men are being kept. The false Peebles is caught by Frank and turns out to be Henry Pinkerton, a man who wants to be a detective and is trying to make his name on this case. Joe spots someone else who is watching Fong and North. The boys and Wat capture Fong, but he escapes and eventually captures them. Then he and North capture Fenton Hardy who was the other man watching them. The boys are able to break their bonds and alert the police who are outside waiting for Fenton's signal to come in and arrest everyone.

The Sinister Signpost (1936, #15)

The original story involves the theft of a famous racehorse, Topnotch. Intertwined are the mysterious and malevolent works of the villain Vilnoff. These two stories are intertwined and the Hardy boys are immersed as they solve the seemingly unlinked mysteries.

The Hidden Harbor Mystery (1961,#14)
The Hardy boys meet Mr. Bart Worth who is the editor of the Larchmont Record. He explains that Mr. Samuel Blackstone has sued him for printing a story accusing his ancestors of being pirates. Mr. Worth also tells the Hardy boys about the long-standing feud between the Blackstone and the Rand families over ownership of a pond in Hidden Harbor.

The Hardy boys accept Mr. Worth’s case and, along with their friend Chet Morton, drive to Georgia. Once they have set up a camp on the beach between the two properties, the boys begin to investigate the Rand and Blackstone estates. They are surprised to find a ‘sea monster’ in the pond and to witness Mr. Rand being hit over the head with a vase by Mr. Blackstone, only moments later to find the vase intact and Mr. Rand missing.

Despite the efforts of their enemies, the Hardy boys manage to find Mr. Rand and recover a treasure chest containing historical records which prove that the accusations Mr. Worth made in his article were all true. The feud is settled when Mr. Rand and Mr. Blackstone decide to work together to harvest the valuable cypress trees from Hidden Harbor.

Materials: paper, ink.