Vintage 1998 Clothtique Possible Dreams Santa Feeding Duck Yuletide Nibble #71328 Retired XMAS Collectible Holiday Decor Keepsake In Box


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Highly collectible keepsake Clothtique Possible Dreams Santa, certified by The Collector Guidebook to be before 2000, and the box, per Etsy's listing requirements. If you are looking for Possible Dreams Santa's after 2000, message me here:

These charming Santa's lovingly belong to a friend who has meticulously cared for them.

In it's original box, Retired, 1998 "Yuletide Nibble", #713208, will delight a child of any age from 1-100 and remind us of the excitement and magic of Christmas. The Santa's faces are hand painted to give each such a warm and realistic expression...

About Possible Dreams:

At Possible Dreams...For decades, our company has meant Christmas. With the creation of Clothtique Santa figurines years ago, we have produced high quality, innovative products for you.

When you think of Possible Dreams now hear the bells of Santa's reindeer; smell the peppermint and cinnamon wafting from Mrs. Claus kitchen; tingle at the icy snow and cold on your faces; feel the warmth of a child's belief in Santa and the love of Christmas.

Come to Possible Dreams and visit Santa and his family at home, with us.
“Our very first Clothtique Possible Dreams Santa was introduced in 1985. The stiffened fabric process was inspired by European collectibles and brought to the United States. Our unique and patented combination of sculpting and stiffened fabrics brings each Santa to life.

Thousands of Clothtique Possible Dreams Santas have been designed for Santa admirers since 1985. Each is carefully packaged and delivered with exquisite detail and artistic expertise. This attention to detail is what makes Possible Dreams the No. 1 Santa brand.”

About Possible Dreams® Creative Director, Ann Dezendorf

Possible Dreams Creative Director, Ann Dezendorf, has designed and art directed the development of more than 800 Santas since she became involved with the Clothtique collection over 4 years ago.

Having raised 3 children, Christmas has always been her favorite holiday. Ann has been a lifelong collector of ornaments and decorations that are displayed in her home during the holiday season. Each year her family looks forward to the tradition of displaying the treasures and sharing the stories and history of where each piece came from.

Ann graduated from Paier College of Art in Connecticut, studying illustration, packaging, and graphic design. Her career includes designing for top companies such as Hallmark Cards, Avon Products, Dakin, Willitts Designs, and currently Department 56. She has created products and packaging for all types of product in the gift and collectible industry including toys, plush, table top gifts, cosmetics, jewelry, dolls, collectible plates, figurines, and ornaments. Throughout her career Ann has won numerous awards for her product and package designs and in 1993 was recognized by NALED as “Artist of the Year” for her Amish Heritage Collection.

Directing the Possible Dreams Clothtique figurine collection includes developing ideas and concepts from the outside artists and licenses, Ann is continually challenged to create unique and innovative Santas that bring the magic of Christmas alive to families throughout the world.

Possible Dreams Retirements Past and Present
This means that Department 56 is no longer producing or making these Possible Dreams Santa's. So once inventory is sold out these will no longer be available to purchase.

Materials: fabric.