Vintage Architectural Art Prints Sketches of Colonial Williamsburg For Framing Charles Overlay Set of 2 Souvenir The Capital Bruton Parish


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These 2 art prints are of original pencil sketch by Charles H. Overlay. Sold in a portfolio style folder as a souvenir of Williamsburg, produced for Williamsburg Restoration, Inc., there are only 2 prints of the original 4, featured are The Capital and Bruton Parrish Church. They measure 11 x 14 3/4 in.
Charles H. Overly, an Illinois raised, University of Vermont graduate, decided to travel to Europe, as many college graduates still do today. Surrounded by the vast historical architecture in Europe, he began to pencil sketch buildings and realized he had a very distinct skill. After returning home and settling outside of Boston, he continued creating sketches of prestigious, traditional, and classic designs of area architecture. He later designed pencil sketches of many scenes and buildings and started producing and distributing them on cards and stationery. Thus, in 1938, began the Charles H. Overly Studio.
Although his art dates to the 1930's, I think these prints are probably from the 1950s.

Materials: ink, paper.