Vintage Art Tile Trivet/Plant Stand Macaw Replica Catalina Island Wall Mural Tile Hand Decorated Tile Bird Lover Gift Idea


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This beautiful art tile was hand decorated and a reproduction of the ceramic tile once manufactured on Catalina Island at the island's own tile and pottery plant during the 1930-1940's. In perfect condition, footed so could be used as a trivet or display/plant stand. base could be removed if you want to use it as a tile...measures 6 in x 6 in

The Catalina Tile Company began as a manufacturer of ceramic building materials, and developed into one of the most prestigious tile factories in Southern California. In a time of great cultural and architectural renaissance, Catalina tile produced some of the finest quality hand glazed decorative art tile of the 20's and 30's. Born from the imagination of Mr. William Wrigley Jr. and his desire to lure tourists to Catalina Island, the Catalina tile company produced enormous amounts of tile, both decorative and functional, that are still prominent throughout the island today. Catalina Classic Tile carries on Mr. Wrigley’s Vision by providing the best in tile design and quality.

Macaws became popular as pets towards the beginning of the twentieth century and have been prized by Native Americans for nearly 1000 years. The Macaws are indigenous to Central and South America. They are most likely to be seen feasting at river sides with clay cliffs. They are truly a symbol of the tropics and have made a unique impression on millions of people as a bird of paradise.

The Macaws are divided into 3 groups with a total of almost 20 different species. All Macaw species have broad heads, slender bodies and long tails. The most famous and recognizable macaws are the Scarlet macaw, Greenwing, and the Blue and Gold macaw. They are some of the most colorfully exciting birds and because of their size are easily identified.

The Catalina macaw is a cross between a Scarlet macaw and a Blue and Gold macaw. The Catalina macaw is found in the wild and is typically marked with a yellow-orange chest, and shadings of green, blue and orange on the top of the head, neck and back. Catalina macaws are extremely intelligent, as are most other macaws, and can be outgoing with a propensity to talk. They are friendly and gentle animals and will be your friend for life.

Materials: ceramic.