Vintage Assorted/Weighted Shot Glasses Retro Barware Mid Century Bartender Mixed Set SET OF 6


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Set of 6, mixed group, however, I can sell individually for $ 6.00 each (message me if you want me to split group). Mid century very cool shot glasses are lovely to use for individual shots or to add a touch of retro to your home bar...see each photo for each style.
1. etched shot glass, measures 2 1/4 in tall, heavy
2. this unique shot glass came from Italy, measures almost 2 1/2 in tall
3. this one we picked up at a flea market in Paris, measures 2 in. Has some type of raised logo on base, has a line and says 2 cl
4. plain 1 oz mid century standard shot glass, measures 2 1/2 in tall
5. small weighted shot glass, measures 2 1/2 oz in tall
6. large weighted shot glass measures 3 in tall

Materials: Glass.