Vintage Barbie Her Life & Times and the New Theater of Fashion Book by Billyboy* Circa 1987 Crown Publishing


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192 pages full of fun facts, photos of our favorite, iconic gal, Barbie! Charts Barbie's evolution, from 1950s prom queen and Jackie Kennedy-inspired style setter to the fitness-conscious businesswoman of the 1980s and features hundreds of photographs of Barbie and friends modeling more than one hundred couture originals

See photos 2, 3 and 5 for book condition, good except edges of binding, and a small written name in ink on cover page of the Barbie lover who owned this fun book many moons ago...

Jewelry and fashion designer BillyBoy,* whose Barbie collection totals 11,000 dolls with original outfits by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, demonstrates how the plastic toy reflects the changes of the last quarter of a decade in American standards of feminine beauty, fashion, social values, and political and cultural trends. Barbie, the embodiment of the American dream, was launched in 1959, and early products included lingerie, which combined high-fashion styling and romantic innocence, a baby-blue taffeta pillbox hat, reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy, a wedding gown, cookbook and dream house. Over the next two decades, Barbie would go from astronaut to aerobics aficionado and graduate from nurse to physician. She and her many friends would spawn black, Hispanic and Oriental versions. Replete with color illustrations and references to Barbie magazines, novels and board games, this rich reservoir of ""Barbiemania'' will spirit many delighted readers down memory lane. However, some feminists will be piqued: BillyBoy* insists that Barbie was recently ``used as a scapegoat'' by a clinical psychologist who claimed many women suffer mentally and physically while trying to achieve a ``Barbie-like figure.''

Materials: paper.