Vintage Berentzen German Shot Glass Apple Schnapps Liquor Glass Promotional Schnapps Glass Souvenir Retro Barware Travel Decor EACH


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Berentzen apple schnapps promotional shot glass, set of 2.
Measure 4 in tall, has the pour line which would probably be a little more than 1- US oz.
My brother in law from Germany, loves to platy dice games. He shouts and rings a bell or taps a glass announcing "Lightening round", the loser must buy a round of Schnapps (at least in Germany)

Apfelkorn Schnapps (or in the US Apple Liqueur) is produced by the Berentzen-Gruppe of Germany, claiming a distilling heritage going back to 1758. It is a based upon a 100% wheat spirit and blended with apples. They claim the spirit is more naturally sweetened than most schnapps.

Materials: Glass.