Vintage Brass Door Hanger Door Bells From India Decorative Wall Front Door Hanging Bells 3 Bell Door Hanger Feng-Shui Positive Energy Sound


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Ding Dong, anybody home...lovely traditional brass door hanger with brass bells from India. The cording is a pretty gold, green and light burgandy color. All three bells have very nice sound Also a nice touch for your Christmas decor...

Bells have been used for centuries as a part of spiritual and religous practices in ceromonies and in the histories of many diverse cultures. Using bells in the home as a form of a healing or energetic process is a very effectual way to direct energy in the art of Feng Shui. A home or apartment that is yin in energy, meaning, quite, slow or stagnet can sap your energy and strength. This can make you tired, unproductive and lack interest in doing the things you used to love to do. Introducing sounds into the home to get the chi or energy moving will help get the body moving thus helping one to accomplish goals. By generating new “chi” or energy with each ringing, bells are considered an easy way to call in new energy and revitalize the energy in a home using this sound therapy. The front door of the home is one of the most important places in the home and it is a gateway for positive energy and opportunities to present itself. Hanging bells near this entrance will protect your home by clearing negative energy and stimulating positive energy invitations. Chinese hanging bells often have symbols of wealth and protection which will enhance their power and usefulness.

Materials: metal, brass, cord.