Vintage Ceramic Wall Tile Hanging Trivet Mid Century Humor in Italian EACH DIY Project Home Kitchen Travel Decor


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Vintage hanging ceramic tile/trivet made in Italy for your next DIY project or home decor. I picked these up in an pen air market in Florence. Price is for one, indicate on variations if you want the one with the house or Confucius.
The one with the house says: Casa mia puo sostituireil mondo, il mondo giammai casa mia: "My house can replace the world, the world never my home" (in simple English, There's no place like home).
The one with Confucius says: Chi ruba poco va in galera chi ruba motto fa carriera: "Those who steal a little are in jail who steal their career" (I think it means " Steal a Little And They Throw You in Jail. Steal a Lot and They Make You King.)
Each measure 6 x 6, Some of the gold along the edges are in vintage condition.

Materials: ceramic.