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Very charming art pottery "Chicken" pitcher from Portugal. This one measures 7 3/4 in tall and holds 30 oz, please see photo 6, there is a spot under the neck of the piece, on handle where the potter did not hit a spot with paint. This piece is from the Alcobaca region. Since the Chicken pitcher is a symbol of good luck in Mediterranean folklore, it would make a wonderful housewarming gift, or add to a lively conversation while serving your family and friends!

The Italian Chicken Pitcher Story

They originated in 1478 when the wealthy Medici family was attacked by the jealous Pozzi family in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the loud cackling of the alarmed town chickens woke the members of the Medici family in time to defend themselves and overcome their attackers. Giulliano Medici wanted to honor the chickens by having his artisans make ceramic pitchers of them. He presented these as gifts to his friends as a symbol of good fortune and to ward off danger. They are commonly used as wine vessels and are considered good luck to the home that adorns them.

More about decorating with Portuguese pottery pieces:

Materials: Ceramic.