Vintage Chinese Lacquered Box Mother of Pearl Inlay Geisha Girls Hexagon Shape Box Home Decor Oversized Asian Box


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Beautiful shiny Chinese black lacquered box with Mother of Pearl inlay, not only on top, but completely around base. Measures 11 x 9 3/4 x 2 1/2

It is said:
Mother of Pearl and Wealth
Mother of Pearl is a powerful and very symbolic stone.

This symbolism is because of the stone’s ability to attract wealth and generate a better income for whoever wears the stone!

It’s no wonder that so many fengshui objects contain a piece of Mother of Pearl. This is to enhance and boost their powers!

Besides attracting money and good fortune, Mother of Pearl also symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

This stone is often given as a present to friends, family, and loved ones to wish them good luck and good fortune.

This stone sends a good and positive message that whatever difficulty you’re facing, you will be able to overcome it, and you will be attracting prosperous energies along the way!