Vintage Crystal Coupe Glasses With Base Shrimp Cocktail Seafood Dessert Cups Set of 4


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Unique crystal coupe style thin glass that has attached base below, perfect for those "tipsy" guests. What a lovely way to serve shrimp cocktail, seafood salad or dessert. I have a beautiful cold crab salad called West Indies Salad, that would be lovely served in these since you could put little crackers along base...They measure 3 3/4 tall x 3 1/2 across hold 6 oz, set of 4

Mr. Bayleys West Indies Salad
This salad is the quintessential regional dish of the Lower Alabama Gulf Coast area. It was invented by the late Bill Bayley, who owned a steak and seafood restaurant of good repute. It must be prepared exactly as directed, with careful layering. Use the coldest ice water you can find in the recipe. The longer this one marinates, the better. The recipe sounds simple, but the results are indescribably delicious. This well-guarded recipe was finally published in 1964 in the Junior League of Mobile cookbook, Recipe Jubilee. Cooking time refers to time needed to marinate (2-12 hours).

Servings 4-6

medium onion, chopped fine
lb fresh lump crabmeat
ounces Wesson Oil
ounces cider vinegar
ounces ice water (as cold as you can get it)

salt and pepper

Follow these instructions to the letter!
Spread half of onion over bottom of large bowl.
Cover with separated crab lumps.
Add the remaining onion.
Salt and pepper.
Pour oil, vinegar and ice water over all.
Cover and marinate 2-12 hours.
Toss lightly before serving.
Serve as a"salad" on a bed of lettuce or on crackers as an appetizer.
Variation: Substitute royal red shrimp for the crabmeat.

Materials: Glass.