Vintage Crystal Coupes Silver Band Mid Century Bar Etched Retro Cocktail Shaker Set Of 3 Coupes/Shaker


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Beautiful delicate coupe glasses with gorgeous raised silver trim, in perfect condition. Unfortunately, I could find only 3 of these showstoppers, so I created a set with a 4th piece, a lovely etched cocktail shaker! The set would make a beautiful hostess gift, or an addition to your retro bar. Glasses measure 5 1/4 in tall x 4 1/4 in wide and hold a very full 6 oz pour. The lovely etched shaker measures 6 1/2 in tall and holds 16 oz. The etched design is of wheat stalks...Just note, vintage shakers do not have the tight seal that newer ones have, so if you want to shake vigorously, you must hold your finger over top of lid as you shake, I would not want to risk that colorful concoction to fly all over the room!

Materials: crystal, metal, glass.