Vintage Etched Crystal Glasses Set of 6, Wide Mouth Cocktail Glasses Shrimp Cocktail Sorbet Mousse Dessert Cups


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I love versatile glassware, these glasses are no exception. Us them for serving your favorite craft cocktails (Old fashioned work great when you use the large specialty ice cube forms), or for brandy or cognac. Also wonderful for shrimp cocktail/crab or lobster salad and better yet, a dessert cup, with creamy mousse, gelato or even a fruit cup. The etching is on both sides of the glasses, set of 6.
Perfect for elegant dining with these beautiful etched shrimp cocktail glasses! Simply place ice in the bottom of the glass and hang the shrimp around the insert.
they hold 16 oz and measure 5 in tall x over 31/2 wide at the mouth but goes wider toward the base

Materials: Glass.