Vintage Faux Fur Black Barrel Bag 1990's Style Like New Cylinder Evening Bag Small Bag


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Adorable faux fur bag with zippered top and handles, perfect for an evening out, or daily use when you don't feel like bringing everything you own. This smart little essential has timeless style, it was mine purchased in early 1990's in London. I had forgotten my little travel bag and did not feel like lugging my big bag around and found this, like new, perfect condition. Faux fur bags are making a huge comeback for 2018, see the magazine underneath!
Each side has lace up detail, little faux fur pompoms and seed bead accents. also has decorative bead on front that resembles a bone or tooth!
Measures 9 x 7 handles measure additional 5 in

Similar to the messenger bag, the barrel bag was originally associated with men in the army. This classic shape was ideal for soldiers to carry around their equipment while traveling around during wartime. However, women have once again “borrowed from the boys” and incorporated this purse into their own style. The barrel bag is built similarly to the satchel with a top zip closure and two short handles on either side, but its structure is much longer. It has a small horizontal, cylindrical silhouette that resembles a barrel and typically has a stiff frame that won’t lose its shape. Some designs come with a crossbody strap for a convenient way to wear it. This small, yet fashionable bag is perfect when you are meeting with your girlfriends or going out for a romantic date night.