Vintage Fluted Pressed Glass Candy Nut Trinket Dish Clear Glass Americana


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Just a lovely presssed glass bowl that could be used for nuts, candies or trinkets. Measures 6 x 4 1/4 x 2 in tall
In the South, we always have a bowl of butter mints either on our coffee table or on the dining room buffet, it brings back memories...remember visiting a fancy restaurant, my favorite part was leaving, when we would each get two or three butter mints, spooned out of a silver ladle, from the glass bowl which "looked like crystal" on the table.
We still hand out packaged buttermints on the airline I work at in first class :)
Here is a recipe for making your own butter mints:

Pressed glass (also referred to as pattern glass)[1] is a form of glass made using a plunger to press molten glass into a mold. It was first patented by American inventor John P. Bakewell in 1825 to make knobs for furniture.
The technique was developed in the United States from the 1820s and in Europe, particularly France, Bohemia, and Sweden from the 1830s. By the mid-19th century most inexpensive mass-produced glassware was pressed (1850–1910).[1] One type of pressed glass is carnival glass. Painted pressed glass produced in the early 20th century is often called goofus glass. The method is also used to make beads.

Materials: Glass.