Vintage Framed Cardnal Print OR Cardinal Miniature Pillow


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Choose either the charming Cardinal pillow or antique framed miniature Cardinal print...or choose both for the bird lover!
Vintage pillow is a sweet size, with Cardinal's sitting on a dogwood tree...there is a tiny discoloration stain on the fabric in a few places that could have been someone trying to tea stain the fabric before making the pillow. It has a nice smell, like perhpas a sachet was sewn inside by the original crafter, see photos 4 and 5 for little stains (hard to see due to color of linen).
The framed print is from the 1950's, and has a paint by number feel, it is either someone's original work or a very sweet greeting card or print, very shabby wood frame...measures 6 x 8

Materials: Linen.