Vintage Framed PA German Folk Art Schwenkfelder Library Das Hertze Mein 1963 Religious Decor Heart Star Tulip Tree of Life


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I found this very old framed art print by The Schwenkfelder Library, printed on back is the full description, 1963 (photo 6).

"This masterpiece of color and design comes out of the wonderful world of PA-German Folk Art as practiced in the years 1760 and 1840. The traditional elements are all there-the heart, star, tulip-indeed you can read a tree-of-life into the border foliage if you wish...."

"The frame of reference for virtually all of Germanic folk art created in PA was religious. The body of this folk art was an extension of Medieval art of illumination, which had as it's central purpose the glorification of th eWord of God. Das Hertze mein, soll allein, dir, O, Jesu sein.
My heart shall be yours alone, Oh Jesus."

I found this one of a kind piece at an estate sale, from a deceased minister and his wife's collection. It was given to them at Christmas, 1965.

More about the Schwenkfelder Library here:

Materials: paper, glass, wood.