Vintage Hail to The Chief Board Game Trivia Type Game Ages 7 to Adult Aristoplay


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How much do you know about the presidents of the United States? Did you know that James Madison is known as “The Father of the Constitution”? Did you know that Franklin Pierce memorized his entire inaugural speech of 3,319 words?

The board game Hail to the Chief can take the humdrum out of learning all about our nation's presidents, the election process, U.S. history, and geography. The object is to be the first "candidate" to land on the Presidential Seal. The game, designed for children and adults to play together, is divided into two parts: the Convention and the Campaign. During the Convention, you, the delegate, must accumulate enough correct answers about presidents and the presidency to advance to the Campaign portion, where you'll have to answer questions about U.S. history and geography. The beauty of this game is that the questions are grouped into four difficulty ratings--easy child, hard child, easy adult, hard adult--so players of all knowledge levels can play together. Some of the easy questions are really easy ("Name the national anthem of the U.S."), while others seem a bit obscure ("Did Dakota Territory troops fight in the Civil War?"). The game also tests your honor, since the answers to many questions appear visually on the board itself ("What are the states that border Lake Michigan?"). This Aristoplay game is a Parents' Choice Award winner, and it's no wonder--the trivia-style game helps kids learn in a fun setting and lets adults brush up on seventh-grade history and our democratic process. --Diane Tuman

From the Manufacturer
An Aristoplay classic .Hail to the Chief is a favorite of all ages. Questions are written on four levels of difficulty so kids and adults can match wits in the same game. Move around the outside of the board answering questions on presidents and the constitution as you become a candidate. Then travel from state to state on the campaign trail answering history and geography questions to win electoral votes and become President of the U.S. Includes over 600 questions.

Players compete to become elected President of the United States. Players travel the outside track of the game board on which the pictures of the U.S. presidents are featured. They gain delegate votes by their ability to answer historical and constitutional questions on the presidency. Questions on 4 levels of difficulty allow participation by players of all ages. On the campaign trail, players travel from state to state, winning electoral votes by answering questions on the history and the geography of the 50 states. Again, questions on 4 levels of difficulty make the game fun for everyone.

My Spin on it:
A fun way to teach kids about the constitution without degrading political advertisements. By teaching your children about the government, it will help them to become informed citizens.

Excellent, only one pack of cards were opened. the other pack sealed.

The game is intact, except one plastic player pawn is missing, however, I am sure I can find an extra plastic piece to replace it if you need, which will not match.
The game starts with Washington and goes through Clinton.

Materials: cardborad, paper, plastic.