Vintage Hall Coffee Mugs Irish Coffee Set of 2


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These coffee mugs are made by Hall Pottery and perfect for your cup of Joe, tea or of course Irish coffee, or any other coffee drink. Marked Hall USA 1272
This is the best recipe from the bar that made it famous Buena Vista in San Francisco. I had the price ledge of enjoying one there...
6 oz brewed coffee
2 sugar cubes
1 1/2 ounces Irish Whiskey
Heavy Cream, whipped
Fill glass with hot water to preheat the mug. Then empty, pour hot coffee till it's 3/4 full, drop in 2 cubes of cocktail sugar. Stir till dissolved, add the whiskey, top with a collar of whipped cream by gently adding with a spoon. Sip, enjoy and warm up from head to toes.
These cups measure 6 in tall x 33/4 wide to handle and hold 8 oz.

Materials: ceramic.