Vintage Handmade Miniature Ashtray Art Pottery Costa Rica Tobacciana


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Miniature terra cotta ashtray 4 3/4 in from Costa Rica. I think it looks like a monkey face in center of ashtray, but turn it around and it could be a lovely lady, see photos 5 and 6!

For over 200 years families in the village of Guaitil have been making Costa Rican pottery. The indigenous Chorotega people have long ago lost their language and been absorbed into the general population of Costa Rica but you can still find traces of their culture in the pottery still being made in traditional ways as it has for over 800 years. The pots are hand thrown and decorated with glazes from minerals found in the area then fired in wood burning kilns. Studios and galleries exist in most of the homes in Guaitil.

Materials: ceramic pottery.