Vintage Italian Notecards in Orignal Box Set of 5 With Envelopes Campanile di Giotto Florence Souvenir "Italian Views"


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Set of 5 notecards with envelopes in original box. Printed on heavy, creamy beige card stock, The building featured is campanile di giotto, located in Borgo San Lorenzo, in Florence. Manufactured by A. Rossi, Italian Views series, the rendering is from 1931. Each card measures 7 1/4 in tall x 4 1/2 wide

Giotto's Campanile (/ˌkæmpəˈniːli, -leɪ/, also US: /ˌkɑːm-/, Italian: [kampaˈniːle]) is a free-standing campanile that is part of the complex of buildings that make up Florence Cathedral on the Piazza del Duomo in Florence, Italy.
Standing adjacent to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore and the Baptistry of St. John, the tower is one of the showpieces of Florentine Gothic architecture with its design by Giotto, its rich sculptural decorations and its polychrome marble encrustations.
The slender structure is square in plan with 14.45 metre (47.41 ft) sides. It is 84.7 metres (277.9 ft) tall and has polygonal buttresses at each corner.[1] The tower is divided into five stages

Materials: paper.