Vintage Jefferson Cups Pewter Monogrammed Letter VLeonard Set of 4 Moscow Mule Mint Julep Made in Bolivia Derby Day Retro Bar


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Set of 4 pewter cups, called the Jefferson cup, by Leonard, made in Bolivia. Fabulous for craft cocktails. Beautiful silverplate tray not included. Some exterior scratches, vintage patina. The monogrammed "V" could stand for (Very Vintage)! Not super shiny....

Pewter products blend metals to achieve a unique look in your jewelry, dishware, and other household features. Pewter also comes in several varieties. Polished pewter contains no lead is bright and light gray, satin pewter is not shiny and has a grainy finish, and oxidized pewter is darker and has more lead or is treated to look antique. As you own your pewter, it will accumulate stains during use and develop discolorations called a patina. Treat all pewter with soap and water then add a polish paste to non-oxidized pewter to keep it bright and long-lasting.

History of Jefferson Cups

Originally designed by Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson cups are a historic gift. The simply shaped cup is a classic choice for groomsmen, corporate awards, and anniversaries. Usually completed with a polished finish, these traditional keepsakes exude taste, sophistication, and a touch of vintage charm.


Thomas Jefferson first created his iconic cups in 1810. A close friend of his, George Wythe, had bequeathed Jefferson his collection of silver vessels. These cups were melted down, and Jefferson commissioned a new design through famed silversmith John Letelier and created a set of eight cups.

The simple design of the cups was crafted with workmanship in mind. The sleek sides, short stature, and weighted bottoms create a sturdy and durable vessel. The originals featured a gilded interior achieved through a gold wash.

For the entirety of Jefferson's life, the cups remained at his home at Monticello. After his death, the cups were divided among Martha Jefferson Randolph's children and grandson. Six of the Jefferson cups are still preserved but two remain missing.


Jefferson cups are classically crafted in sterling silver. The unrivaled brilliance of polished sterling creates a stunning display. Also available in pewter, many Jefferson cups made of this material are non-tarnishing and much more affordable. Silversmiths often create the cups through the art of spinning, and the interior of the cups will reveal this with a delicately spun pattern.

As with the originals, most historic Jefferson cups will bear a hallmark on the bottom of the cup. This will signify the materials and the silversmith who created them. This hallmark is a signature of the workmanship, and it adds value and history to the piece.


Perfect for personalization, Jefferson cups are often engraved with a monogram, three-initials, or a single initial. The shorter stature of the cups lends to limited and impactful engraving. The simpler the engraving, the more legible and easy it will be to read. Corporate logos can also be digitized and replicated onto the cups to create a timeless desktop accessory.

However you use your Jefferson cups, display and enjoy them. They're as attractive on the desktop as the bedside table, and their lovely brilliance looks stunning on a dining room sideboard. Much more than a gift, Jefferson cups are a piece of history.

Materials: Metal.