Vintage Kawaii Collectibles Frank Schirman Black Coral Figurine Coco Joe Hula Girl Polynesia Tiki Bar Pu Blower


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Priced individually, the man blowing the Pu is made by Frank Schirman, out of black coral, highly collectible. He measures 6 1/4 in tall and in excellent condition, no chips or flaws.

Pu, a Hawaiian conch shell, is a large seashell played like a ceremonial fanfare trumpet. Made of two kinds of large shells, Triton or Cassis cornuta, it is capable of emitting a loud sound carrying as far as two miles. The volume depends on the style of blowing rather than breath volume capacity.

The hula girl is made of lava, dated 1966, by Coco Joe, Kaneone, Hawaii. Perfect condition as well and measures almost 4 1/2 in tall

All about Coco Joe collectibles here:

The tiki God collectible is stamped Hawaii, by HIP Originals 1973, measures .It also has a hanger attached to back

And the book that was used as a prop,"Hawaii, For The Sophisticated Traveler" is in pristine condition, purchased when we went to Hawaii back in the 1980's. Copywright 1985, Chuck Lawliss191 pages,McGrill Hill Publishers

Materials: lava, black coral, paper epherema.