Vintage Key Chain French Advertising Promotional Key Ring EACH


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I found this French advertising promotional key rings at a market in Perpignan, France. Circa 1960-1970's

PRICE IS FOR EACH, choose from variations...Photo 1 show the fronts of each and Photo 2 shows the back of each in exact order.

Choose from:

1. Societe Creme de Roquefort (it opens) measures 1 in
2.Six de Savoie a la creme fraiche (one side is solid blue) measures 2 in
3. S' Michelle Gallettes, looks and feels like a little cookie box or chocolate bar, measures 2 in
4. Mylord cookie box, one side shows the cookie, the other reads Mylord Brive + France, measures 1 3/4 in
5. Mickey Mouse Walt Disney, flip side readsDody-Plast (which is a promotional company that actually makes promotional key rings), measures 2 in
6. Chocoreve candy, flip side shows candy, measures 2 in