Vintage Mayan Aztec Clay Bowl Oversized Terra Cotta Primitive Style Signed Art Pottery Bowl Hanging Art Mexico


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Gorgeous heavy terra cotta unglazed art pottery from Mexico. This piece weighs 7 1/2 pounds and measures 16 in across x about 5 in tall. It is signed by the artist and has heavy duty wire on back for hanging. The Mayan style art on inside is etched out of the actual pottery which seems to be mythological in design. Very unique. Please email before purchase so we can verify shipping, since the item is so big and heavy.
Although the Maya are well known for creating a multitude of art—sketches, wood carvings, stone works—they are perhaps best known for their pottery. Driven both by function and aesthetics, pottery became a ceramic canvas for the Maya to tell stories, venerate the gods, commemorate the deceased and much more. Here’s a quick tour of four pieces from four distinct periods of the Maya civilization. All are from the Mayan Art of the Americas permanent exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Next time you’re in New York, we highly recommend that you take a look at these. They’re all the more stunning in person
some of the symbols used in mayan art found on the bowl:
BLUEBIRD - denotes spiritual joy and contentedness, foretells happy conditions in one's life
BLUEJAY - denotes spiritual joy and contentedness
LIZARD - denotes a lack of scruples. symbolizes death followed by resurrection. It also symbolizes safety and welfare because it can lose it's tail and regenerate it.
SNAKE - a non-poisonous snake denotes cleverness, proceeding with discernment, see mythology for further definitions
SNAKE - a poisonous snake can relate to a person who will attack or retaliate with vengeance, can relate to temptation or evil, though as in India, it can also represent wisdom, it can represent sneakiness or treachery such as a 'snake in the grass', being bitten by a snake can represent dangerous emotions or situations where one holds or expresses poisonous thoughts or emotions. The serpent denotes the right or wrong thoughts, the wisdom of knowing the difference.