Vintage Metal Ashtray PA Dutch Folk Art Style Kitschy Tobacciana Home Decor Mid Century Home Kissin Don't Last Cookin Do


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This cute little trivet has sage advice...!

"It's some warm today"
"Kissin Wears Out-Cooking Don't" (my favorite of all!)
"Make the door shut"
"Thro Papa down the stairs" (yikes)
"His hat chust for fancy"
"Don't run off now yet"
"My you look good in the face"
"I've known her long already"
"Poor Jakey-he's wonderful sick"
"I've seen him yet already""We grow too soon old and too late schmart" (that's for sure!)
"Let's alk the street down"

In excellent condition, made in Hong Kong, measures 5 1/2 in

If you wonder where PA Dutch originated:
“Pennsylvania Dutch” is actually not “Dutch” at all, but rather, Pennsylvania Deutsch (or German). “Pennsylvania German developed in the eighteenth century as the result of the immigration of approximately 81,000 German-speakers from Central Europe, including Switzerland, to southeastern Pennsylvania. The vast majority (96 percent) of these immigrants were of the Lutheran or German Reformed faith; of the remaining 4 percent, roughly one-half were Mennonites and only a few hundred were Amish. Whatever varieties of German they spoke in Europe, the Amish assimilated to the language of the majority, Pennsylvania German, which resembles most closely the German dialects spoken in the southeastern Palatinate, near the city of Mannheim. The influence of English on Pennsylvania German is often overstated. Only 10 to 15 percent of Pennsylvania German vocabulary is English-derived; its core grammatical structures remain Palatine German.” Anabaptist Studies at Elizabethtown College

Materials: metal.