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For your favorite handyman, this antique folding metal tape measure shows plenty of use! It does not have metric unit! Vintage Foreman's Guide sold separately

RARE Antique RUSTLESS RULE CO. Buffalo NY Aluminum/ Brass 2' (24") FOLDING RULE -1913

Very unique collectible tool. Made of aluminum and has brass joints.

Between the numbers (inches), 1 and 4, the following is stamped in: "32... "RUSTLESS" RULE...REG. U.S. PAT. OFF....BUFFALO, N.Y. MADE IN U.S.A...."N.Y.C. AP'VD W-5 PAT. 8-5-13 ".

Each side has printed measures and is measured in inches only and would have gone to 60 in., however, one side has 2 3/4 in broken off tip, so it now measures to 56 1/4 in. long.

Materials: aluminum, brass.