Vintage Metal Souvenir Washington DC Hanging Plates Souvenir Mid Century Japan Set of 2 Wall Hanging US Capitol White House


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Kitschy, fun and colorful metal souvenir from Washington, DC, circa 1960's. Made in Japan. Set of 2, measure 9 1/4 in long x 7 in tall, back has hanger. see photos, in good condition, one plate has a little scratch on metal and two tiny discoloration spots, one plate has a tiny piece of the cardboard photo missing (the size of a pin head). It could easily be patched with a touch of blue paing.

“Ever poised on that cusp between past and future, we tie memories to souvenirs like string to trees along life’s path, marking the trail in case we lose ourselves around a bend of tomorrow’s road.”
― Susan Lendroth

Materials: metal, paper.