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The ABC of Spice Cookery, published by American Spie Trade Association, NY, 1950. This little gem is 48 pages of alphabetical recipes using various spices, map of spices, charts and uses. Love this quote from the book "A wise man once said that you can judge the quality of a man's mind by his book shelf, and the quality of a woman's cooking by her spice shelf!"

The second cookbook featured in the PA Dutch Cookbook of Fine Old Recipes, published by Culinary Arts Press, 1967. Compiled from tried and tested recipes handed down by early Dutch settlers, 64 pages. Illustrated, some photos, black and white, a collection of little poems are featured at front of the book..."No better and good cooks can be found nowhere to prepare victuals for the table". Lewis Miller

The third book is Cooking with a Surprising Difference,published by Carnation Company 1966, 48 pages.Lots of groovy photos, and recipes...very mid century copywriting throughout. "From the time you turn the key in your very first apartment until you are the "chairman of chaos" in a roomful of hungry youngsters, you'll discover Carnation cooking makes a surprising difference, so use it often". This cookbookwas a followup to feature recipes using the "new" Velvetized carnation milk, do they still make that?

Materials: Paper.