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Two mid century comedic LP's, sold separately. The President Strikes Back, 1963, by Kapp Records, Mark London & Company is now long out of print. This album was an imagined response of the President to the First Family album that won a Grammy, and sold more than 7 million copies. Written by Mel Brooks and Ron Clark.KL-1322

The Cabinet Meeting 1:21
Cuber 1:18
The "President" Strikes Back 1:26
The Theatrical Agent 2:33
The Press Conference 2:04
Face To Face 2:04
International Competition 1:29
The Taxi Ride 2:10
Fan Mail 0:48
The TV Commercial 4:48
The U.N. Meeting 1:36
A Typical Day At The White House 2:10
Big Men

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts, 1968, by Musicor, Bob Booker and George Foster were the writers/producer's of First Family, starring Susan Anspach and Joe Silver, also out of print.


The Bride To Be 0:45
Momma 2:48
Getting Ready For The Wedding 0:55
The Wedding 2:00
The Press Conference 2:23
The Disareement 0:45
The Tailor 0:49
The Telephone Call 0:57
A Quiet Evening At Home 5:28
The Big Fix 2:40
The Paparazzi 1:00
Sisters 1:55
Chairman Of The Board 0:49
A Typical Morning 2:37
My Husband, The Captain 0:42
The Dinner 3:05
Gratitude 0:32
A Visit To New York 2:48
The Games People Play 0:53
Man Of Action 0:28

Materials: paper, vinyl.