Vintage Miniature Teapot Hinged Trinket Pill Box Faberge Style Home Decor Gift idea Storage Box


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Very charming miniature hinged trinket/pill box with hand painted relief butterfly design and pattern, measures 4 1/4 in from handle to spout x 3 in tall, inside lives a tiny butterfly, included

“Ephraim lifted the top of the trunk. Neatly stacked were mementoes from what seemed like hundreds of journeys. Right on top was an etching of the Eiffel tower next to an African mask that looked at him with surprised eyes. He reached in a little deeper and unearthed a small teapot decorated with blue drawings just like the kind his grandmother collected and kept in a locked china cabinet.”
― Megan Frazer Blakemore, The Water Castle

Materials: metal, porcelain perhaps.